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Joe and Nancy 2011 (North Carolina)

Hi guys Emma is the best dog ever!! She is not only big and beautiful but also sweet and charming. She is great with all the other animals on the farm but she is serious about keeping intruders away. We have had no issues with coyotes since she came on duty. She loves people and cats. In fact one of our kittens sleeps on her all the time. We absolutely adore her. We will probably be in the market for another pup in several months to a year. Our 2 old Pyrs are fading out, though one still works at his leisure. Emma totally respects the old ones and us. When we get ready for the next one we will absolutely be in touch. We would love for you to come visit if you get the time. It would be fine to list us as happy customers. You all do a great job of breeding we could not be happier! Nancy

emma emma.. emma... emma....

Jo Ann 2012(Arizona)

Klondike has the sweetest disposition you could want in a large dog. He loves going to the dog park and plays with both large and small dogs. He likes to walk up to people and have them pet him as well. He is the neatest dog. He passed his obedience class and can sit (when he wants to), stay, come, and down. He does pretty well with all of these commands. We still have a way to go. He love his PureBites liver treats so much that I don't even have to tell him to go to bed. He just walks into his crate and waits for his treats even if it is not time for bed. His eyes are so beautiful. He still likes to chew things yet. I have chew toys and rawhides for him but he still prefers blankets and pillows. Klondike has learned to open doors. We now have to lock them when leaving the room or he will just put his snout on the door handle and open the door. He also likes to play a game with us when we want to get him ready for his walks. He jumps on our bed and goes around it as we try to catch him. He thinks it is such fun. I usually walk him for an hour in the morning before the heat of the day or we take him to the dog park in the morning. We take him to the dog park at night when it is cooler where he meets and socializes with his friends. He loves the dog park. One time when he was the last dog in the park, and it is a big dog park, Larry was trying to get him to go home, he would not come. So Larry went and sat in his car for a couple of minutes and left him in the park alone. He soon realized that he was alone and started to jump on the fence. Larry then went to put his leash on and take him home. He loves to play games with us. But he is so cute that we just melt. He is true to his breed, a gentle giant. We love him so much and would never part with him. Sincerely, Jo Ann

Karen and family purchased a girl from us in 2012 (Massachusetts)

I have only great things to say about Two T 's Farm and the beautiful Great Pyrenees pup that I have given a forever home. We got our dog, Holly, at 5 months old and it was just amazing to see the difference in a dog that comes from a conscientious and competent breeder. Holly was practically trained when we got her and so gentle and loving too. And the Swain 's are always available to help with any questions you may have with your new pup. I would absolutely recommend this breeder.

holly. holly..

Brad and Theresa Brown 2013(Iowa)

Dear Tim and Teresa, My wife, Theresa, and I want to thank you both for Stella, the Sweet Gentle Giant that we adopted from you in January 2013. When we decided to bring Stella into our home we were so excited that we drove straight through from Iowa to North Carolina. Your farm is the perfect place to raise Great Pyrenees and we were happy to see where Stella was born and raised. I am pleased to report to you that she is a happy and healthy pup (82 pounds and growing!) and is a source of joy to us both. She is an inside companion dog, but as we have an acreage she has room to run and exercise. Her "job" is herding our four cats :) and watches over our home for us, and when I am gone overnight Theresa sleeps more soundly with Stella in the house. Thanks again for sharing Stella with us!

stella. stella.. stella...

David and Tammy purchased Toby ll from us in 2013 (Virginia)

Thank you so much for raising such great dogs and caring so much for what you all do. We may want to add another in a year or two.

tobyll. tobyll.. tobyll.... tobyll...

Jeanne, Ken and Angela bought a young boy from us in 2013 (Ohio)

Dear Tim and Teresa,

We feel very fortunate to have found you and Teresa as Great Pyrenees Breeders who wish to establish a continuing relationship with owners of your puppies. You are so giving of your time and knowledge of the breed. It was a wonderful idea of yours that we come to your farm to pick out our new puppy, rather than have a puppy shipped to us. We enjoyed the trip down to your beautiful home in the hills of North Carolina. It was a hard choice to make, but we are happy with our Lance. Lance has brought us so much happiness to our lives that we hope to enjoy him for many years.

l1. l2. l3

Teresa Swain

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We proudly register our Great Pyrenees with The American kennel Club of America. We have limited numbers of puppies each year. We strive to produce the very best Great Pyrenees dogs and puppies that we can. This is our Great Pyrenees page. We live in the foothills of North Carolina. We have High Quality Great Pyrenees in NC. When we first started looking for our Great Pyrenees dogs we looked to find someone that bred LGDs. We believe in confirmation, health, temperament and the ability to guard. We are committed to only raising the best dogs that we can. We want high quality Great Pyrenees Puppies. We started with a Great Pyrenees Dog to sire the puppies. Then we needed a Great Pyrenees Bitch to have and to raise the Great Pyrenees Puppies. We follow the guide lines that the Great Pyrenees Standards outlines. We are members of the Great Pyrenees Club of America. We spend the time and money to make sure our Great Pyrenees dogs are high quality. Any Great Pyrenees dog that we own will have OFFA certified numbers. All Great Pyrenees puppies born here on our farm in North Carolina this includes working dogs to have xrays done. We do not breed puppy litter after puppy litter just to have puppies. We limit our puppy litters. We sell puppies. Our Great Pyrenees puppies go to forever homes. All of our great Pyrenees puppies are sold by contract. This protects the puppies and also allows us to make sure buyers know the commitment they are making. The Livestock Guard Dog breeders in our area. Many Great Pyrenees breeders had all of the qualifications but one! That was why we then turned to show quality great Pyrenees breeders to find dogs that came from xrayed hips. Do Show dogs bred to other Show dogs always produce Show dogs? The answer is absolutely not. Responsible ownership if breeding a quality litter is to follow the puppies to see if you are moving in the right direction. With each litter a responsible Great Pyrenees breeder should be trying to produce the best puppies possible. We believe that it is possible to have a show dog be a great guard dog or at great guard dog should be able to show. We are striving to produce those kinds of dogs. If a Great Pyrenees dog does not have confirmation they can still be good LGDS but should never be used in a breeding plan. If a puppy has very good confirmation, health but not the temperament for guarding then it needs to be placed in only a show home or companion home. It must be a win/win for everyone, but most importantly for the puppy.